Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

Hey guys. No presents I'm afraid. Doesn't look like Lust Knight is making it this year. I'm estimating February, but that's just an estimation.

On another note, best holiday wishes to all of you!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lust Knight Demo # 1

Well, here I am...and here it is. It's something that I'm assuming many of you have been waiting for. Sorry for the lateness.

Couple of things:
-This is one of two demos that will be released. The second will be released a week or so before the full game is released.
-Performance, performance, performance...I'm still working on it. If its absolutely horrendous on your computer and ya can't stand it, let me know.
-Stats and such are set to allow for a lengthier demo. Also, as far as equipment is concerned, please check the Lust Knight page, or the readme. The reason I say this is because one of my beta testers, as prominent as he is, somehow managed to completely overlook the equipment system, even though its a driving point for the game.

Well anyways, hope you all like it for now:
MEGA-Lust Knight Demo #1

Edit: Yep...This game's going to need a tutorial level.

Edit #2: Forgot to mention in the readme, when enemies are in a perpetual state of being fucked(by you), press D to recruit them, press A to finish them off.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

'Close-Ups' Scheme

Well needless to say, there's been a delay with the Lust Knight demo....Come this Thursday, I'll probably just push on with it, but for now let's talk about something else:

Close Ups!

This is still somewhat of a draft, but just saying I'm going to be utilizing the same close-up style that I used in Zako Fight 1.

And that health bar's design's gonna change as well ^^'.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Moving Forward...

Okay. So the demo for Lust Knight should be out sometime within the next two weeks if all goes according to plan. Looking a bit further ahead, full game should be out before the year ends. Hopefully before November, but don't roll dice on it.

Furthermore, its looking like Tajah will be a protagonist in Zako Fight 2. More on that next week.

On a side note, beta testers:
I forgot to mention, you can press S to warp to any active outpost or tent that you have control of, if you are inside one of them. Allies will spawn at one that is currently on screen. Also, while making an enemy take your girl wood, when you begin to perpetually fuck them, you can either press A to finish them off or D to recruit them.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Well that took A LOT longer then I had anticipated. Finally, I've gotten Lust Knight to an acceptable phase for a demo...or at least I'm thinking so. Was focusing on putting all or most of the pieces that the game would need together, which involved some animation and making several alterations on already existing clips in flash. My next hurdle is going to be optimizing the damn thing... I've already done quite a bit moving from A to Z, but it's gonna need more =( ...

Anyway, if you are a beta tester or you have spoken to me about beta testing, please contact me and give me a heads up sometime over the week. Expect a demo pretty soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wardrobe Changing and More Stuff

Some wardrobe changes:

      Tadpole (Water)            Twin Shade (Dark)           Fire Starter (Fire)           


   Dryad (Plant)                     Sol (Light)

In a game, fire would be the first outfit you'd get obviously =P. So in short, I'm planning on using her. Not for anything too tangent, meaning I'm still prioritizing the same things. I'm just doing some slight drafting for a change of pace:

There are two bars. One is your health and the other is your will. If health hits 0,  it gets ALOT harder to break attacks that target your will. If will hits 0 while health is 0, game over. If will hits 0 while you still have health, this happens:

While like this, depending on the attack, there is a randomized chance of orgasm. Orgasm, and you lose a great big chunk of health.

I'll give more details in the future of course, but for now, back to work on Lust Knight! ^-^

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inital For Thought

Completed an initial character sketch today, utilizing light style mimicking as I've done a few times in the past. Really wasn't sure I'd get the style accurately enough, but I gotta say I'm quite happy with the result.

I was listening to this as I completed it. Felt reeeeeealy good. =D

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Implementations


Added a mechanism that makes your allies lounge around the base when they've been standing idle for too long, as opposed to them continuing to stand idly. They will still attack intruders however. While lounging, they may take naps together, or engage in random conversation. As I continue to add things like this, I'll add to the list of things implemented on the Lust Knight page. Be sure to check it out occasionally.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Updates on Lust Knight, Cherry Poi, and pageviews o.O.

First off, Cherry Poi(the original creator of the elemental girls I animated), has re-emerged. It would seem he had to take some time off to get things back in order, but just a few days ago he posted updates on his blog. I hope everything is okay with him now, and I wish him the best, as I'm sure all of you do as well.

Secondly, I've made some major updates to the Lust Knight page. Just some talk about transforming and waifus among other plans, mmmmyesss...

Third, I just wanted to say thanks for over 30,000 views! You're all so quiet. '-'  Lol.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lust Knight - Enemy Roll!!!!!

A pic to portray the planned enemies(minus the bosses), and atmosphere of the game. No men, no monsters, no tentacles. JUST GIRLS...and girls who summon magic dildos...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Promo Games Heading for Newgrounds

While I may not have the audience that dlsite would have given me, what I realized I DO have is access to Newgrounds, since I'm a flash programmer.

That being said, the 'Other Works...' and 'Hobby/Promo Games' pages have changed a bit, and the newest version of Blazer is now featured on Newgrounds. Check out the pages for more information.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Water + Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Hope you're all enjoying/have enjoyed the holidays.

So, to wrap up this small project I began last year:

I was debating doing the younger ones, and so perhaps I'll do them sometime in the future. I think I got all the main elements, so for now I thinks that's good.