Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lust Knight Demo # 1

Well, here I am...and here it is. It's something that I'm assuming many of you have been waiting for. Sorry for the lateness.

Couple of things:
-This is one of two demos that will be released. The second will be released a week or so before the full game is released.
-Performance, performance, performance...I'm still working on it. If its absolutely horrendous on your computer and ya can't stand it, let me know.
-Stats and such are set to allow for a lengthier demo. Also, as far as equipment is concerned, please check the Lust Knight page, or the readme. The reason I say this is because one of my beta testers, as prominent as he is, somehow managed to completely overlook the equipment system, even though its a driving point for the game.

Well anyways, hope you all like it for now:
MEGA-Lust Knight Demo #1

Edit: Yep...This game's going to need a tutorial level.

Edit #2: Forgot to mention in the readme, when enemies are in a perpetual state of being fucked(by you), press D to recruit them, press A to finish them off.