Friday, March 13, 2015

This Year and Thensome....

Wheeewww...procrastination is a bitch! >:( Lust Knight is this year for sure. When this year, exactly? Not too sure...

To end this string of procrastination, I want to post about some things that I've been meaning to post about for the longest.


An action h-game platformer being created by CheshireCat, HentaiWriter, and TriangulatePixels.

If you dabble in the H-Game community, more than likely you've heard of all these individuals at this point, and can appreciate the combination. Also, TriangulatePixels is one of the best pixel artists I've seen to date. It's all the more reason I can't wait for this release. You can check out the crew, following the link in the "Other Devs" section, or this link here.


My mentor and long time colleague Bomb-A-Head has stirred these past few months. Along with starting a patreon page himself, he's made two new releases, that I for one have enjoyed immensely:

Mighty Matsume

An action-adventure h-wrestling game with RPG elements. Not too lengthy, but I think he implemented the right amount of grinding here.

Sensual Fight

A fighting wrestling game, long awaited. Honestly, would have liked more characters, but for the price it's pretty damn good I'd say. Greatly outclasses the previous installment.

Going forward, I myself am going to be balancing focus between Zako Fight 2 and Lust Knight. Will keep you guys posted as I move.