Other Works by Yours Truly

I've posted some moreso recent games here in the past few weeks, but I haven't really talked about a lot of the stuff that I have worked on....and copped out on ^^'. Thinking about it, there are quite a few things I left out. I will start with the earliest and move forward:

Rise Adventure

A game featuring Rise(Lise) from Seiken Densetsu 3. The game was set in a 2.5D perspective and was meant to be a beat em up game. You fought 5 rabbites who snuffled Rise's loins whenever she was grounded. It was perhaps the earliest game I tried making, so the game balance was weird, the movement was weird, and the hit detection was way off. Furthermore, the graphics looked completely archaic. I wasn't really able to pull off the 2.5D thing too well, so I sacked this one early in favor of more 2D direction.

Amazon Battle

This game was inspired by a 2D game known as Fantasion, whose main character was debatably too young.. I made it as far as a testing stage, a heroine, an enemy, and a boss character. The style I chose for the characters was a tad strange, but it didn't seem people minded that too much. When I made some headway into this game, I started investigating more complicated platforming elements involving flash games. I was still a bit new to it however, and eventually I felt like I was digging myself into a hole with the way I was programming and planning to make the game, so I stopped that one short as well. 


A fan game once again based off of Fantasion, which was the name of the original game. The sprites were mimicked to match the details of the actual characters in the game this time around. This is perhaps the first game I put considerable time into. I had made playable 5 out of the 7 female boss characters, those being: the amazon, the elf, the snake, the ox, and the succubus. Those I failed to complete before dropping the curtain on this game were the angel and Marie, the final boss. I implemented a first stage with conditions for unlocking  the different characters.

When I made this game public, the reception was terrible to be blunt. People complained about unlock conditions, hit detection, level navigation, etc. When it became clear that more people disliked this game than liked, I decided to move onto the next thing.

In between my drafting, the next game that you've seen  is probably Blazer, unless I'm forgetting something. After that:

A game born of my disappointment with the format of the previously released game called Iris Action. That is not to say that Iris Action was a bad game.  Not so much a fan game however, as it was just a test game. The character doesn't even follow the "impeccable design" rule for me(will discuss in a bit.) She had a basic 2-hit attack and the hentai(one enemy) was ripped straight from the original game.

The "Impeccable Design" Rule

So what is a character that follows the "Impeccable Design" rule? Simply put, it is a character that is simply brilliant in design. It's the girl you want to play as instead of the main character, ALL the time. It's the character who you think about occasionally, even though you've long since stopped playing the game. It's the character you'd tell your girl to cosplay as XD.

Some other examples are:
-Green hair from second Cherry Poi Game(Also his elemental girls introducing the idea of an "Impeccable Concept")
-Tifa Lockhart(The one with the suspenders, not the new, stock, emo one...)
-Akai Fujiko

Notice any trends? :)

Probably a few I'm missing at the moment, but you get it....

If I never get around to rounding up the links, you can find all these things at ULMF


  1. That EW game looks great

  2. no more iris-react demo? the link on the site is busted

  3. Ok dude you look like you need a pep talk. First of all none of those ulmf links i found work, so I do have a request, if u still have the games Iris-react, rise adventure, and fantasionR, please reupload them. Saying a game is bad and not to worry about it is totally unfair to us as viewers and critics of your work. Just not caring enough about what you yourself created because you didn't like the results is absolutely stupid. No matter how bad any game is in your eyes be proud that you finished it in the first place, don't go looking back and saying "nah, those games don't deserve attention.", because no matter how bad a game looks in your eyes, there is always someone who will actually enjoy it. And if you think that it's ok to just ditch your works that's insane. Again, be proud you even finished those games, because a game isn't made every day(except for that rpg vx bs). Not only that but your format of games is not only an amazing one but something every single person who downloads the full version of Zako Fight enjoys. I used to play metal girl blazer over and over because I enjoy the format so much, but ever since I bought Zako Fight for myself, I have wanted to see those older works that got you to the amazing game that is Zako Fight. Even if those games lack animation or quality, it won't change the fact that I want to see them or that I won't enjoy them. The format that u produce on is the only type that I see myself constantly going back to, and your lack of recent posts have made me just crumble. I want to see you make games again so please come back. I'm sure everyone who checks this blog would be happy to see the games be re-posted. If there is anything to take away from this it is that you have to be proud of your work and not think we can't enjoy the older stuff, because no one makes a perfect first game, there will always be room to improve.

    Thanks for your awesome work, and never stop trying to best yourself.