Hobby/Promotional Games

These are just small things that I'm essentially throwing together for fun, but will also use as promotional tools.

Right now, these games consist of:


Magical Girl - Endless Will

Metal Girl Blazer

Play the game here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/631752

Nothing here is set in stone. These games may see a release, but then again they may not. I may only give them to certain people, or I may release them to the general public. If these games are released however, they will be absolutely free for everybody.

Edit: Change of plans. Promo games will now be featured on Newgrounds.

The order of people who will see them first is as follows(With the exception of Metal Girl Blazer, since it is already practically released):

1. Beta Testers
2. Everybody Else


  1. I see great potential in both side projects thus far. Being partial to redheads, I think Agent looks pretty juicy and can't wait to see how that develops, but EW also looks very promising. Keep up the great work!

  2. How does one join your beta test pool?

    1. Love the grab animations in Agent, btw. Would love to see the animations in MG:EW too. Is this style (sprite) easier than the separate cutscenes in Zako Fight?

    2. Well from an animation standpoint, the cutscenes are harder because I have to be more careful with the details. From a programming standpoint, cutscenes are easier because I can worry less about placement after they end, and conditions for gang-up animations. In a sense, its either way.

      As far as being a beta tester goes, for starters it helps if I know your forum name or some screen name. Lets say at least 100 posts, or a past dialog between us be it in PM's or exchanging emails. Secondly, (and this is probably obvious but hey). If I really don't like you, then you can't beta test for me.

      You don't earn my dislike for being critical, or saying that you didn't like something that I made. You earn my dislike for consistently trying to make others feel like I'm not worth their time, for calling me names unnecessarily, or accusing me of being some kind of scammer because you didn't like something that I made. You can also earn my dislike(with some legroom) for going out of your way to act as if I don't exist.

      That last one is important because, before I can allow you to beta test for me, I need to trust you somewhat. My current beta testers have supported me in some way(and I may consult with them on whether or not to include an individual). I need to be sure you won't go shooting a beta all over the internet when I give it to you to test ^^'.

      Enough about that. If you feel you're good to beta test then just contact me.

    3. the game wont load on newgrounds... sits at your D.guide screen

    4. Works for me fine. Try updating your flash player, MajorKagami. I had no hang ups or anything.

      Oh and Guide, I see how you cleverly made changes to break it into three stages, hehe. Well done. I also like the added animations over what i last played. The game is a lot faster pace this way and it feels more complete when broken up like this. But man, it sure gets rough on stage two when those girls mob me....

    5. Additionally, I think some of the new animations should have required escapes like when the male enemies grope/fondle blazer on the ground instead of just a brief attack move, but either way it works out. My personal preferences aside, kudos for updating it, this was the game that made me fall in <3 with your work!

      Nice work on adding in a quick splash screen and story and even a manual too!

  3. didn't work, other games are working.

  4. After playing that Blaze game on NG I'm looking forward to your stuff.

  5. really liking that beatdown in that agent video. it seems all of your games feature stuff like that too and it's a nice touch, since most of these styled games just skip all of that and just rush into the sex scenes. hope you keep at it.

  6. I have some ideas that could approve Metal Girl Blazer better!

    1) Have you think off making a gallery on Metal Girl Blazer? A gallery where you watch "player" get raped by the enemies?

    2) Maybe add where the enemy trying to take off her clothes?

    3) Also could make the enemies could rape each other? Pretty much when the male enemy is about to grab Blazer, she crotch and the enemy trips over then grab a female enemy, and maybe the same way as the female enemy fails to grab Blazer and grabs another female or male enemy?

    I hope one of these ideas may help you to make Metal Girl Blazer even better :D

  7. So.. are you ever going to release these to the public?

  8. Is there something stopping you from releasing new games?
    Do you have no beta testers?
    Do you have beta testers who don't do their jobs?
    Why not just release the games and fix vugs once they're found and release bugfixes?

    Are you even alive? You won't get any patrons if people think you've died somehow.. You might even lose some
    Even if you do come back sometime, you're gonna have to make another game to prove to would-be patrons that you're still capable of doing so after all this time