Lust Knight Adventure

Progress Update: October 29th

Demo No. 1 is out!

Title Shot(No Text Yet):

By the way, her name is Leciu Brunell.

Currently Implemented: 
  • Basic Game Functionality; Player Control, Basic Enemy AI, 3 Enemies
  • Soul System(See Below)  
  • Cut Scenes(functionality, Intro)
  • Stage map and World map(partial)
  • Ally, Enemy, Neutral System
    •  Meaning that on some stages, there are characters who will pose a threat to both you and an enemy faction on the stage.
  • Base System
    • You as well as your allies(denoted by green sqaure) can retreat inside of a base(can be placed where the player wants, among acceptable areas). The enemy faction, (denoted by red square) may do this as well. 
    • Allies will interact with each other when left idly around the base
  • Equipment system(see below)
  • Navigation UI
    • Click a button on screen and the player looses control of the main character temporarily. Pressing directional buttons scrolls the screen around.
    • MiniMap - shows positions of enemies, allies, and neutral characters currently active on the board, and allows quick navigation to anywhere on screen
    • Can now select characters with the mouse and direct them to a location      

A Little About Equipment

When I thought of adding equipment, I realized that the standard for equipment in most rpg's or action rpg's is for equipment to increase your stats as you put it on. In many of those games however, you can't see the equipment and even if you can, chances are you will be equipping things you find later in the game rather than things you find earlier. This somewhat silences the players voice over their customization options. So as a work around, I'm making it so that equipment does not immediately change your stats, but rather your aptitude. Aptitude in this game will be the percentage of growth your stats commit after each level up.

Right now the main stats are:
MaxHP: Max Health
MaxMP: Max Skill Points
Attack: Physical Attack Damage
Special: Magical Attack Damage/ Also influences damage done by sex attacks

Enemies, Transformations, and Waifus

Adding further to attaining enemies abilities, will be the ability of the main character to transform into other forms by obtaining what will  be a "soul item" from enemies.


As far as enemies abilities go, you can obtain some of their attacks by having sex with them, and obtaining their clothes will more or less give you their stat aptitude. However, each enemy will be unique and have special moves and bonuses that Leciu will not be able to utilize without the enemy's soul item.

Example of the application of soul item:

When the game is started, Leciu is without a sword at first and her standard attack is a two hit combo punch. While it serves its purpose well for defense against neutrals, it is somewhat sluggish and when introduced to the enemy faction(who will always be harder to defeat than neutral characters), they dodge it fairly easily, and without good timing she will be overcome.

So you've fulfilled condition xyz, and you've got the Oni girl soul item....

Now, Leciu's punches are faster and significantly harder to dodge. Every second of Leciu's punches have a 25% chance of doing additional damage. Before, Leciu would simply pin her opponent before giving them her lady cock. Now(like the Oni's do) she pounces on them first, knocking the wind out of them and may deliver one or two punches to their pretty mug beforehand(depending on the level of the soul item). 

Some other planned soul item effects will be:
  • immunity to any of three elemental attacks(electric, fire, and ice)
  • improved movement on certain terrain
  • bonuses to similar allies close by
  • extra standard attacks
  • HP recovery when on a certain terrain
  • Flying
Just to name a few...

When dealing with both recruitment and obtaining soul items, you will only be dealing with your allies and neutral characters. The enemy faction  will only serve to oppose you.


Right now I'm planning it so that when you obtain allies, you will have the ability to get a soul item based on their affinity for you. Their initial affinity will be random, although it will also be affected by the type of ally you've recruited and how you went about recruiting them.

When Leciu is inside of your base along with her allies and you bring the pause screen up, another screen will also display showing Leciu and a pre-selected waifu of your choice:

 Some characters will more quickly become enamored with your crimson eyes and golden locks.


Some others have a bit more pride and are less than enthusiastic about having been shagged until they were made to join your lusty crew.

You can improve an ally's affinity for you by fighting alongside them, picking them up when they've been grounded, kissing them when their health is low(recovers their health, diminishes your MP), and calling them to get you when you've been grounded. Also, some allies will be harder to win over.

 If an ally's affinity for you is high enough, the scenario that occurs when you are in the base and bring up the pause menu will be subject to change. Your waifu may be telling you game tips and secrets (if they can talk), they may be giving you a weather update, they may giving you a blow job...or you may be giving them a blow job...(some characters will be futa).

Maximize the affinity between you and her, and your waifu will do anything you ask in the pause menu. All you need to do:

 Is persuade her. XD

Demo # 1 Date: October 29th

Demo # 2 Date: TBA

Release Date: TBA


  1. Looking a bit different from what I remember, lots of new concepts you've never employed that I've seen so that should make this one pretty interesting! Keep us posted! (Xodus)

  2. Been waiting ages for this one, can't believe it's still happening.

  3. omg i cant wait to get my hands on a demo of this game >.<

  4. Just stumbled upon this. This looks really interesting. Can't wait for demo. ˇˇ

  5. i want this demo nao plz xD im dying of wait for this X_X

  6. I am just waiting for futa enemis

  7. how much will the full game cost?

  8. Not sure about the price yet. Shouldn't be bad though.

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  10. Huh. This was actually quite enjoyable. Sure, you still have some of the old input issues, such as holding down a directional key won't get you moving after you've been attacked or such, you'd have to wait until the animation was done. But the controls for the game is tolerable and most of what you said on the tin applies with little issue. For bugs... the spawning mechanic can bug out if you go too far forward in the second stage while the stage 'loads'... might I suggest a loading screen while the stage is put together? Other than that, I can say that your game is turning out well so far.

    1. What do you mean by "bug out"? No spawning, spawning in the sky? There's no way I can know what you meant... ^^'

    2. I'm having trouble getting this bug to trigger again... Well, the bug was that if I didn't wait for the 10-20 second period for enemies and neutrals to spawn and I went too far to the right, they would never spawn.

    3. Hmmm...strange. Might be a timer mismatch from the previous stage, seeing as it's stage 2. I'll doc it for now...


  11. two questions, how do i level the tent?
    and is there a way to delete allies to make room for others?

    1. There is currently no way to delete allies. To level the tent, destroy other tents or discard equipment.

  12. What were your inspiration for the game? Do you know another game with similar idea?

    1. Hmm...I'd say general action RPG's based around collecting. No specific hentai game though.

  13. This game demo has been incredibly fun. It's not "just another sex game" but actually has real content to it, and a loot/xp system that while slightly grindy, isn't enough to detract, only make replaying feel worthwhile. It's understandably in the early stages for non-character graphics, but the main work has been the coding, from what I understand. This early demo has been more fun than many "full games" I've seen. I greatly look forward to more content and development!

  14. any update on the game?

  15. Just a bit of a bug I guess, but with the cat soul equipped, the skin colour changes during the kissing.

  16. I have been a long time lurker of many hentai games and this game by far I have the most expectations for. I have bot seen any other game like it and I played quite a bit.

  17. Great demo, keep doing what you're doing! If there's any way to support this I would in a heartbeat! I'm a fan of these kind of obscure games. I look forward to demo #2, and the finished product of course. Addicting, unique, obscure, has it's own charm, just the many things that come to my mind! :)

  18. Excellent demo, I keep going back and playing it to get my levels up, kinda wish the barricade on stage three wasn't so hard to destroy, but then again, it makes me want to level up even more to get past it, thus making the game last longer.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. That Barricade took nearly 8 minutes to destroy and you cant jump downwards the way the other characters can. A little BS, but surely easily fixed.

    2. Yes you can... ;)

    3. That aerial attack is overpowered. I wish I could use it, but I assume it won't be added.

    4. You need a cat soul.

  19. Is this game still a work in progress? I mean, no abandoned project =)

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  21. waiting for the next release

  22. any word on the dev?

  23. Are you still alive? if so, i'd like to question some stuff about this game, it just has a lot of potential, just to end my curiousity., Appreciated.

    1. A chatbox would work as well

  24. Okay, I've been playing your demo for a while now, and I think I have a good view of the game, but I noticed some problems with the demo.
    First of all, the framerate drops randomly, although the game starts out at 30 FPS. By the way it seems to occur, the animations and AIs use large amounts of memory, so consider trimming that, or adding a low perf mode.
    Second of all, structures. Structures are a good idea. However, they take forever to destroy, combined with the first problem I mentioned. Perhaps you can lower the Hp of enemy defenses. Also, for the neutral areas, such as the outpost in stage 1, consider adding a control meter that depends on the number of enemies versus your allies in its vicinity. Also with outposts, consider making your allies able to be summoned in them. Finally, consider making enemy tents drop items, clothing, magic, or perhaps even captured girls that become allies, when they are destroyed.
    Next up, the MP system. You start out with not enough MP, making ally recovery pointless, and magic attacks special. So please either reduce the amount of MP used for attacks and making out, or increase the amount of MP we you get in the beginning.
    Another thing that has been mentioned is not being able to remove allies. Removing allies is actually a good area to add content. For example, when you remove an ally that had little affection for you, you would have to fight them. (IDK what would happen if you lose, maybe they'd steal some of your stuff). Also, removing allies is an opportunity to use cutscenes.
    A bug I noticed is that the visual part of platforms don't completely correspond with their mechanics (ie you can appear to walk in midair when on the edge of a platform.
    Another bug I noticed is that your character when you exit a structure is not level with any other characters around you.
    Another thing I noticed is a button in ally commends that is labeled "goto" this can't be selected, and has no number or key assigned to it. Can you explain that, or implement that?
    Consider tutorial. Enough said.
    Implement the bunny character shown plz. (Wait, is the bunny character in the final level?)
    Also, with affection, consider adding a meter or visible number or level or percentage or SOMETHING that would more precisely show where you stand with your allies.
    Also, consider allowing allies to wear clothes, use weapons, and change magic.
    That's all for now!

  25. Don't know if you are still thinking about continuing this game but... could you at least change the level system by reducing the required EXP? it take AGES to level up or at least let us edit the save file.

  26. Lmfao. Years later and there's still nothing on this game... What a waste of potential. How about the next post you make you actually make it worth reading: Stop stringing along whatever's left of your dwindling fanbase and just admit that this project is dead.

    You don't like my comment? Then delete it. You know what I say is true, and so does everyone else, even if they don't care to admit it; I'm only voicing the obvious, anyway.

    1. I feel like you made this comment before. Do you care so much about this content that you feel like you needed to antagonize the author?

    2. Nothing antagonistic about it, just the truth. The fact you perceive it as such is irrelevant to me.

      To answer your question, though: It's pretty obvious that I cared. I wouldn't have wasted my time making the comment if I didn't, now, would I.

    3. replying to Anon the II: yes it is great content

  27. i have an honest question if you could ever answer this it would be greatly appreciated also it's more like two questions, Are you done with this game? "Done" as in you've given up/ lost inspiration for this project.
    question 2: if you truly are done with this will you ever do anything similar or reboot this project at some point? if not please in from us that this is cancelled or at least find someone else who could complete it rather than just abandoning it, as is the game is fun and has quite a lot of potential and i would love to play it more but as of now we still have nothing new