Friday, April 24, 2015

Hobby Hacking - Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds

Well, I was playing Phantom Breaker - Battle Grounds for the PC earlier, and decided to do some hacking that I sometimes do with games of this nature. Upon some inspection, it turns out that there's a hidden character in the game only selectable if you mod the game. She IS incomplete though, as her only special move that works is her aerial, and although she does have a full combo, it  always ends with her shuddering on the ground, completely vulnerable(So stop after the third robot strike ^^'). Her impact guard doesn't work the way it should either. 


I thought it was interesting, so just thought I'd give it a quick share. Well...back to the fray, they say!

Edit: TheCheat Engine File:!p0R2iS5R!u1KcO6QSYrtnK2xuCtfhtTUXg2ktW2-JnxKHNb-YWfo

Couple of things:
-To play as this hidden character you must make the value for the code that says "Character Selector" 11. Then, you must go into advanced options, right click on the entry in the box and select "Replace with code that does nothing." She may or may not appear in the character selector box, but rest assured, you'll be playing as her once the game starts.
 -The auto recover and groundbreak killers only work for Cocoa, Nagi, Itsuki, and the mystery girl. Be warned that for both the CPU and player, playing as these characters becomes harder, because all possible recovery is now left up to button mashing.