Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hobby Hacking 2 - DOA5

A bit more hacking, this time on DOA5. Not a bad game, although...I eternally prefer a female lying flat on her back, as opposed to lying, sitting, crouching, standing, any other way, after she's taken a blow or two. The original DOA1 for the Model 2 arcade had the best prone positions for it's female characters. Then there was the playstation port, which dropped in quality a little bit as far as animations went. DOA2, and DOA3 gave females that dainty "I'm taking a nap, don't wake me" bullshit. DOA4 and DOA5 apparently, just went full circle "face down, all day". 


Anyway here's the video. See if you can spot the mods.


  1. when will release the second demo of lust knight adventure ?

  2. You're not dead, are you?

  3. hey i want this alive, please lust kinght adventure

  4. yeah, me too, we want lust knight adventure <3